Vincent Toubiana

PGP key: https://unsearcher.org/key.asc

Technologist at ARCEP (the French Telecom Regulator), previously at CNIL (French DPA). I’m a former NYU PostDoc who is still trying to maintain and develop theĀ  TrackMeNot extension in collaboration with Professor Helen Nissenbaum.

I’ve work on a couple of browser extensions, TrackMeNot is obviously the most important one but previous to that I also worked on SquiggleSR a TrackMeNot-like extension. More recently I prototyped Adnostic (a Proof of concept for this paper) and finally Unsearch which gives the name to this blog.

Unsearch is a Chrome extension that, according to Google’s log retention policy, allows you to search on Google and get personalized results without leaving a trace in search logs (you’re search remain in Google Instant logs for 15 days). This work is based on a analysis of Google’s log retention policy (available here).

On this blog I’ll express my personal opinion about search engines and how they handle privacy issues. I’ll also discuss obfuscation as a mean to protect privacy and hide search profile, considering both the technical and ethical aspects.